10 levels per month

not trying to force anything on the devs but it would be really nice if our level cap extended by 10 lvls every month or two

Waste of time, effort, space, productivity, and existence

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would be a mess for balance
the reason the level cap isn’t increased like this is because there isn’t content for those levels

even if he did, there wouldn’t be gear/things to do/npcs for that level


it’d mess up vetex’s plan

weren’t we supposed to get an update on a dualweekly basis? his demand isn’t only being met, he’s getting an overpay

That’s after TGR

bitchass do you see us getting a higher level cap before TGR

You used a no-no word

wrong, it was you all this time

He did create an amazing game and he DOES update it and interacts with us about the update. I’m just glad he didn’t pulled a YandereDev

only reason yanderedev never finished and never will finish yandere simulator is cause he thought his spaghetti code was the only way to code his shit, he always had like 2000 subprocesses running all the damn time checking if something occured or not, instead of them activating whenever something occurs which caused extreme lag and what not + he apparently was reading emails instead of making the game lol

thank god Vetex doesn’t do that

what the