1k likes, very pog

Risin’ up


how the actual fuck

idk lol-

omg ban him,he is haxor of likes omg

It’s called being an artist

I want to reach 1k :cry: maybe some day

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Go for the Good Reply badge.

Me with the good reply badge

Perks of

  • being an artist
  • being an artist who doesn’t procrastinate :frcryin:

Wdym doesn’t procrastinate–

Be me
Decide that I’m gonna draw X
Gets around to drawing X more than 2 weeks later and then takes a 1 month break before drawing again

Story of my life

I just start things and never finish

is that sage in the top left

Better break Sheep record and be a fan art God

Captain Sage (Pog Time)

Nerf artists

Too late vetex was faster

Nice,artists get nerfed

Noooo, the metaaaa

time to get like 500 more likes before you’re #1 yes