1v1 request

I want to see if im not bad

you arent the worst, but you arent average either
like that mid point inbetween brand new and average

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I have gotten better since we last met. want to go again?

i would if i wasnt at school

k we will meet again.

fight me and i can bet you will win 563 - 0 because i suck at pvp B)

i also suck. i almost killed a conjurer


Magic + weapons. Going to be op in ao

ye imma go with that on my now shadow file. I’m gonna change it from ink to shadow on revamp.

do ice.

no :troll:

i wanna do decent damage without the need of synergies, so i wanna go shadow magic for 1st and glass magic for 2nd, and lunar magic for extra slot.

ice + sunken i meant

synergy, but i’ll prob do that on an alt either way

ill do it on my main slot


those builds suck rn.

I would have if he wasnt shadow