2 level 80 clean walls of jericho , any offers? ( done )


What are you looking for?

strong mino armor pieces or a clean oath

I have a strong mino boots for you

Its worth more ye. But i doubt anyone would offer 2 strong mino pieces for a woj

il take a clean oath if you have one maybe ? or even a swift one could do

If you offer both wojs for it then sure

2 WoJs for a swift oath ?

Sadly i dont have a swift oath oof
Only cleans, 1 hard and a few strong (which would be an overpay so i wont offer those)

yeah i own a strong oath already so not interested in those

just a question though are 2 strong mino pieces ( excluding the helm ) worth a clean WoJ ?

Yup they are worth roughly the same.
Tho like i said since people like trying out weapon builds i doubt anyone would offer their 2 strong mino pieces for it

i see, aight so rn im just sitting here with 3 of them actually with no idea what to do with them other attempt to get a swift oath or a strong mino set.
dunno why but im cursed with WoJs

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ur not the only one

I’ve got a swift oath for you if you still want it

aight you got a trade man

MrNormalBox#2004 heres my discord, ill be playing steam games until you’re ready.

Since he’s rich let me swoop under and take this trade off his hands :flushed:


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