2 Questions about clans

  1. What kind of clans sre there. Like if its like a peacekeeper faction, neutral self helping clan, a company-like clan or a chaotic troublemaking clan. I want to know which are common and which are a rare sight to see.

  2. What is the best thing to do with the clan while waiting for the update

There’s all kinds of clans which are all ran differently and have different focuses. My clan, Crimson Crescent, is like a big friend group. We mostly just play other video games together while we wait for AO to release

As Spooky said, all kinda of clans exist. Fishing, trading, pvp. People who subscribe to certain ideas or concepts. I’ve even thought about making some of my own, like a Dojo-inspired clan centered around PvP or a clan consisting of alchemists that act as sort of a union, kinda like The Alchemist Clan. If you find something that doesn’t exist you can very well work to create it and manifest it into reality.

There is no “best thing” but if you’re looking for something to do that will benefit you in AO I suggest fishing for sunkens.

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