8 Is Not My Lucky Number Apparantly

All 4 of my top replies have 8 likes.
How this happened so perfectly is beyond me.

Edit :

It all changed when the shitposters attacked…


i just liked all four so now its 9

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No!!! My post is now inaccurate!!!
I’m so devastated to receive 4 likes like this : (
It would truly be a shame if someone else were to do the same thing, then I’d be off by not 1 but 2 numbers! : )

I guess your new lucky number is now 9

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you got five notifications

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I liked two of them just now so it’s 11 ;3

(The other two I couldn’t like cause they were already liked by me :frpensive:)

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Oh! The pain that is being popular!

: ) :hearts:

@TeaAndNums Look at the tragedy that I’ve just been dealt!

this guy is breaking the matrix

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Yup :sunglasses:

Made a slight edit to the post btw : )

My lucky number is 48. :slight_smile:

:eyes: :coffee:
Hmmmm interesting…

is this how to get likes easily

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Accidentally cracking the code be like :

meanwhile me with like…2 or 3 i think

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