A bunch of disappointments

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chapter 2 is here

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Chapter 0-2: Blacken Sun

Meeting the brother’s “eyes” was the starry night sky, along with the feeling of hammers banging on his head

After a brief moment of confusion, he quickly calmed himself down and regained his composure before starting to recall what happened before all of this

And then it hit him - the lifeless face of his sister

He panicked. The thought that because of saving him that she is now dead frightened and filled him with fear, regret and guilt. But then he recalled the words that someone once told him: His kinds are not killed so easily

Of course, how could he have forgotten ? He and his siblings are, as least to his understanding, practically immortal, after all. Even if their head is blown off, they will still reject death. The only way to kill them…

The brother tried to calm down and concentrated, looking deep into his own Soul and retracing it’s links, hoping to find even the slightest sign that his siblings are still all alive

And there it was, even if they were quite faint and he couldn’t determine their locations, knowing that they were still on this plane of existence was enough for him, at least for that moment, that was all he needed

He then looked around and analyzed his surrounding. Feeling grass beneath his feet and sensing trees around himself, he came to the conclusion that he must be inside what’s called a forest - a normal scenery to most, but completely alien to him, and perhaps all of his siblings - those who have never stepped outside of the facility before

But the lustrous green of this place wasn’t what baffled him the most - for he couldn’t even see the colorful world around him, not like how the naked eyes of man normally would, anyway

No, what caught his attention, was the excessive amount of Ether presented in the air. It’s suffocating, but also intoxicating. The exotic energy that messes life up and bends the laws of reality itself is what his kinds - beings that did not belong there throve on

But that wasn’t what he should be focusing on then, for he still needed to find his siblings as well as fulfilling the end of their “contract”. So, ignoring that addictive feeling, he wandered around the forest to find it’s exit


the brother stepped on a tree branch and broke it. The sound surprised him slightly, but not enough for him to pay any amount of further attention to it

Suddenly, the brother sensed a sudden burst of powerful and malevolent Ether quickly coming right toward him. But while hand-to-hand combat was never his forte, dodging definitely was. Swiftly, the brother managed to dodge the rapidly approaching threat, even if only slightly

He quickly regained his balance before coming face to face with his attacker - a masked Drakon. The words that someone once said to him silently echoed through his head - his kinds are the enemies of life itself, and everyone out there will try to kill him and his siblings the moment they met

Trust no one, except for the Phantom Queen and her allies. Don’t worry, you know it when you see her

Back then, he was still doubting it, but he supposed that has been proven to him now

That was what he thought, until he realized a familiar and despicable feeling coming from the Drakon’s Ether Energy. Even without eyes, the brother very much felt and recognized the symbol on the Drakon’s mask - for it was the very same one that the beings in the facility also wore

An eye - the sigil of the forbidden Mind Arts, which symbolized that they, along with the Drakon he was facing, have already been stripped of their free will and turned into nothing more but a bunch of tools and puppets for the masked man

Realized that running from someone whom he only managed to dodge by a hairline wasn’t an option, the brother prepared himself for combat

But direct confrontation was never the brother’s style - he’s a sorcerer, not a soldier. He wasn’t supposed to fight alone, not that close, anyway. His siblings were supposed to be there, fighting side by side with him

But they weren’t

At that movement, he was all alone

Speed and technique were the only advantages he had against the Drakon, but only those simply weren’t enough. He was fast, but the Drakon’s moves were so quick and unpredictable that speed was no longer a problem for him. Being mind-controlled dulled the masked stranger’s technique, but even then it was clear whose skills were superior

And so, the brother lost. It wasn’t even a fight. Even though he tried his best, it wasn’t long before the brother’s head ended up in the Drakon’s palm. With a single spell, he blew it off, leaving the brother’s body motionless on the ground

He wasn’t dead, of course, you can’t kill what wasn’t even alive in the first place. But having a portion of his body blasted off still more or less affected the brother, which rendered him unconscious

With the mask covering his face, the only way for the Drakon to “see” was through Ether Sensing, and due to the body structure of his kinds, the brother’s Ether Energy simply could not be sensed, which made the Drakon thought his target was dead and move on

But he was stopped and halted in his track by a Vocatus girl and a Morgen man, both of whom seemed really shocked and… happy to see him. But even if they were once friends, the Drakon could no longer recognize them at that moment, not until his free will is freed from the mask

So he launched himself forward, striking at the two people who were once so dear to him. But perhaps because they were so familiar with each other’s fighting style, the two Servants both managed to react in time and dodge his attack

The Vocatus girl tried to talk him out of it, which flinched the Drakon for a moment, but ultimately failed to awaken him. And then, she noticed it - the motionless body of the brother on the ground

It was dark, so she was unable to notice that his body lacked a head, but since the Vocatus could not sense any Ether from his body, the girl still thought that he was dead

Seeing her concern about the seemingly lifeless body of a stranger, the Morgen man told her, whose name apparently was Ember, that they could check on the brother later, after they are done with the Drakon, whom he referred to as Al(varo), unless she wants them to end up like the stranger on the ground

He then told her that he recognized the symbol on Alvaro’s mask as the sigil of Mind Arts and theorized that he must be mind-controlled, which led to him suggesting that if they managed to knock it off, Alvaro should be back to normal again, but will probably lose his consciousness for sometimes

With that plan in mind, they started the fight. At the Morgen man’s signal, Ember was the first to rush in, her sword, the Charred Edge soon flared up as she jumped at Alvaro and slashed him

She missed, or at least that’s what it looked like. As the Drakon dodged out of the way, the Morgen man appeared right behind him and try to thrust Alvaro’s mask off with his spear, the Phantasm Vanquisher - a special spear that’s capable of absorbing Ether , the mystic energy that flows through everything

Everything, but not the Morgen man, who ever since birth has never once experienced the sensation of electricity pulsing around his fingertips or capable of conjuring dirt and stones at his will

He wasn’t just Art-less, however. Rather, it was Ether itself that was completely absent in him, something that was thought to be impossible. But even when facing all those hardness, he still managed to adapt and pushed through

And this time, it would be the same

As he doesn’t even have one bit of Ether inside of him, he’s practically invisible to the masked Drakon, something that he was making good use of. Of course, Alvaro could still hear the sound of him moving, but with Ember’s constant attacks and the Drakon’s very own explosions, the Morgen man’s footsteps would barely be anything

The Phantasm Vanquisher managed to scratch the mask, but ultimately failed to push it off. But that wasn’t what the Morgen man intended to do anyway

He knew it, very damn well even, that neither he or Ember would be able to fight and win the Drakon head-on, so they would have to take the long road

All mystical artifacts require Ether to function, and the mask was no exception. The Morgen man’s couldn’t see it, so he asked Ember to check for him

And he was correct. After his last strike, the artifact’s “battery” had reduced somewhat and doesn’t seem to be recharging, which means while draining dry the Drakon’s Ether seems impossible, the option of depleting the mask is entirely within the realm of possibilities

So, as Ember acted as the main fighter and distract Alvaro so that the Morgen man could steadily drain away the accursed mask’s Ether, the Drakon was slowly backed into a corner, his movements became more and more sluggish after every hit

Just a little bit more, and victory would be their

Wouldn’t it ?




A large screen and the young man who was there when the siblings escaped can be seen standing in front of it

He was checking through the escaped subjects’ files to make a list of who should be brought back first. Finished the file of whom he was looking at, he wrote down the name “Lorenza Laurus” in the high priority list before moving on to the next one

It read:
“Subject #682
General Information:
Full Name: Alvaro Drachen
Race: Pure-blooded Drakon
Strength: Very High
Endurance: Very High
Magic: Very High
Mobility: Above Average
Combat Skill: High
Tactical Skill: Above Average
Additional Note: Suitable vessel for the Monarch of Wrath”

Momentarily, he stopped and looked at the screen, thinking about something

Soon enough, he continue reading through the file, although his hand had already started writing down the name Alvaro Drachen in the low-priority list.

Suddenly, he stood up and stared at the large screen in disbelief

What the fuck


It couldn’t be…

It wasn’t supposed to…




Alvaro slumped down, hands wrapped around his and started letting out painful and agonizing grunts

Ember, thanks to her Fire Arts was more sensitive to heat and managed to notice the quickly increasing heat from the Drakon the moment it started and warned the Morgen man, whom she referred to as Amore to watch out

But even then, they didn’t manage to move out of the explosion’s radius in time, though Amore did manage to set up a barrier using the Ether he absorbed previously to protect both him and Ember against the blast and came out relatively fine

Awful, deafening noise and clouds of smoke followed the explosion, covering the battlefield and the Servants’ vision

As it faded away, Amore immediately started looking around for Alvaro, but to no avail. As anxiety started seeping into his heart, Ember tap his shoulder and pointed her finger to the sky, where a figure and be seen floating on the sky

It was their friend, Alvaro. Using the technique known as Ether Manipulation, he suspended himself in the night sky, his arms spread wide across and his body twitched painfully, massive amount of Ether surged through his entire body

The two Servants started at their friend, shocked and paralyzed from the horror and cruelty that was happening to his body. However, it wasn’t long before Ember noticed the tremendous Ether pulsating around the Drakon

Even before she mentioned it to him, both her and Amore have come to a terrifying realization - Alvaro was charging his Ultimate Work, the very thing that gave him his title - the Apocalypse Bringer

Apollyon’s Sun - a massive “Sun” that’s made out of a heavily concentrated mass of explosive energy with power so fearsome that it is said to be capable of destroying a whole town at it’s full power

Both Amore and Ember were stunned to see it. Not that they never saw their friend use it, of course, they have been fighting side by side for so long after all

No, what shocked them, was it’s magnitude

All those times before, it was always just a sphere about as large as a human head and capable of destroying a building at most. But this time, it was different. It was in the dark of the night, yet the sky was lighten up as if it was midday of a summer afternoon

He was no expert, but Amore knew very well that if that thing were to hit them, not only would they be obliterated into nothingness but a large chunk of the forest would also be reduced to mere ashes on the ground

He weighed his available options

He and Ember could probably knock Alvaro’s mask off as he’s completely motionless in the air, but since he would be unconscious after that the Drakon wouldn’t be able to deactivate the giant cluster of energy before it hit the ground and cause massive damage

His spear, a gift from Solar that was crafted specifically for him, can absorb Ether Energy, but something that massive and concentrated might just overload and destroy it

Florille Village is too far away for either him or Ember to ask for help, and he knew damn well they wouldn’t be able to outrun something that massive

At that moment, he, the person that Solar trusted with the task of looking after Ember and Alvaro, was unable to come up with a way to resolve the situation

He’s already failed once, letting Alvaro get captured and brainwashed

Now, he’s going to let not only him and Ember, but also a massive area of the Cursed Forest get annihilated by the Drakon as well as making him carry the guilt of killing his friends and giving Solar the sorrow of losing his apprentices

Words of distant past echoed through his head

“What a failure you are, Armaros.”