A bunch of disappointments

what’re custom gates ?

they’re called magic gates right?

I mean as in like

a custom exclusive magic for 1 individual

the hell
ohio is canon?

ah that gate

so like a custom/dev magic in AA yeah ?

kinda, kinda no ig?

its possible for anyone to learn any kind of Arts provided that they have enough Gates so there isnt an Arts that’s exclusive to one person ( its possible for an Arts to be so rare that only person in existance has it however )

but, theres something called “Trait”, which is a special properties thats unique to a person ( Azel spells can drain Ether, Zamera can transfer a piece of her consciousness into her creations, etc. )

they can be similar, but almost never the sme

some fckers did a little bit of trolling and now half of the continent is uninhabitable :skull:

gonna sleep now, ask anything you want and i’ll answer them tomorrow

bye bye

bye bye

goddamn its been a week already huh

request for Snapfreeze mag>c corcle

also if you want to make Blaze for me that’d be cool, but if ur busy i will just makenmy own symbol. here are le inspos


You wouldn’t mind if I used this, yeah?

what for? (also i pulled them frok the internet so idc)

Blaze and Snap Cold, my liege


perfect, thanj u

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i think i’ll draw manboobs next

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oh yes



can I has prism magic

(rainbow + crystal magic type stuff)

is obsessed with elemental powers

do not know how to draw them

so like rainbow-colored crystal?

tbh someone with that Arts sounds much easier to put in my world than someone with gravity

you are now a hermit in some mountain, congratualtions