A Clear and Easily Accessible Menu to Show Game Rules

A Clear and Easily Accessible Menu to Show Game Rules
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There is so much confusion around the ingame rules of Arcane Odyssey and their punishments and there really shouldn’t be.

There needs to be an easily accessible set of rules to read ingame, in the discord, and here.
Leave nothing “unwritten”, people should not be punished for breaking rules that don’t exist.



this is why the rules need to be written ingame, people are incredibly stupid!!!
(also to clear up the confusion around other rules that may or may not exist in the first place)

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I’m sorry that person doesn’t even have a brain let alone the ability to read

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wow even the system wants this to be seen lol.
wonder what caused that.

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shampoo has instructions for a reason


yes absolutely, this should be pretty easy to implement and it’s needed

yeah this needs to be added

there is literally no reason not to add this

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Deja vu

it would clear up confusion to be had, although it wouldn’t really impact the people who exploit and get banned, they’re just gonna go on exploiting

Honestly I quite like this.

A couple of times I thought of using an alt account to farm crates and ships easier (low rep players could use a high rep player’s ship to destroy AG ships without getting damaged, but I think its patched now), but I didnt want to get my account banned so I didnt bother with it. Plus, having a set guideline of rules would help people know whats banned or not.

Hell, if you really want to go above and beyond just do what Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5 did for a while and have a TOS that you need to accept before the game allows you to enter a playable server.

If not an in-game menu then something on the game page that directly links to the rules, outside of discord. A post on the devforums or the AO forums would be ideal for this. A simple “the rules:” with the link followed by it. Doesn’t even need to be in the game but something clear cut would be nice.

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