A combat scene in AO

The bounty hunter looks around, he had just found a boat of the bounty he was after. He checks his flintlock, sword, and staff. As he continues to walk through the forest he hears something. He looks at the direction he heard and was quickly met with his bounty launched at him with their fists ready to collide to his body.

He ducks to look above him, the man lands safely and looks him. “A bounty hunter. You seem like your no joke.” He quickly draws out his flintlock and shoots at his bounty. The man swiftly slides to their side “Branch strike!” He says with a glowing brown circle appears then punching into it, sending out a wooden stake. He dodges but the splinters pierces him, he withdraws his flintlock and takes out his staff “Piercing Gale!” He thrusts the air aimed at his target, it produces a shockwave that was visible that approached at great speed. The man puts his arm on his body as the shockwave hits his defending arms, he was sent back but still standing strong with his arm bruised. As the man puts his arms down he sees the bounty hunter with his sword out, “Tiger Rush!” the man stepped back with astonishment on his face then the sword swings at him with the initial blow, two more slashes then he was launched into the air.

The man regains himself, he focused at the ground below the man. “Wooden Ambush!” The bounty hunter looks below him. Another glowing circle, similar to what the man created with his hand earlier appears. He tries to move forward but the blast of wood sent the man to the side. As the dust settles, the man is no where to be seen. He looks around for when he went. “C’mon! Playing with me? I’m right he-” before he could finish his sentence a bullet pierces his right leg, the man screams out with pain as he looks where is the smoke of the gun. He sees the bounty hunter standing on a branch with his gun pointed at him. “Combat Shot!” The man kicks the air with his left leg, the bounty hunter pulls out his sword that blocks the shockwave but the branch breaks with him crashing to the ground. The man looks at where his bounty was to see him propelled at him. He rolls back with now with his legs on the ground as the man crashes where he was, he looks up on him and sends out a punch. The bounty hunter stumbles back standing up with his hand on his face. The man stands up with his fists into a stance. “Got you good huh?” The bounty hunter draws out his staff out from his back. The man observes, “I see that you aren’t giving up just yet, alright then. Wooden Charge!” His torso covers in wood with his hands covers with spikes.

He swings his staff at his bounty, the bounty blocks and throws a punch or kick which he blocks with his staff. It broke out into an exchange of blows with both sides trying to land a blow that really hurts them. “Piercing Gale!” The man dodges “Knuckle Bash!” The man punches the air in the direction of the bounty hunter, the air changes shape as the bounty hunter was knocked back. The bounty hunter pulls out his sword but the man readies a follow up attack. “Fighting Barrage!” He launches at the bounty hunter and first strikes with a right kick, he then starts punching at a swift pace then ending it off with a his two fists slamming him down to the ground. The bounty hunter coughs up blood then rolls out of the kick of his bounty. The bounty hunter is getting angry as he sees the man rush at him, he draws out his flintlock once more. “Multi Shot!” His flintlock launches out multiple bullets that sends the bounty back.

Both of them was getting tired, both started to breath heavily. “Arm Strike!” The man launches at him to hopefully knock him out. The bounty hunter uses his sword to block his attack, “Knuckle Bash!” The bounty hunter moves to the side with the ripple in the air appears, he slices the man’s leg that leads to him kneeling. “Branch Strike!” A circle appears again focused the bounty hunter as he punches the circle that sends out a wooden stake. The bounty hunter ducks under it and tackles the man with his flintlock, he aims it at the man’s head but he was kicked off then the man gets on him to send a punch but then a shot was heard. The man looks down on his chest to see a hole on his stomach. The bounty hunter pushes him off, the man looks at him as he falls unconscious.

The bounty hunter ties up the man and brings him back to the Ravenna camp in Shell island. Captain Larcos sees him and his troops stares at the wounded man carrying a tied up notorious criminal on his back, “I see you got him. I can just send my men to pick him up.” The bounty hunter drops the man infront of Captain Larcos. “I want my payment.” The bounty hunter said in a stern voice, he starts bandaging his wounds from his bag. “Of course, here you go.” Larcos gives him a bag of galleons. “Thanks for dealing with him.” The bounty hunter says nothing as he walks off.