A compilation of every trade I've gotten for my headless

I swear you rich traders are like fucking exploiters with your inventories

this topic will be updated for every time I get another trade

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Bruh I wonder how insane your trades will be once more seas are added

I can’t wait until two months later I get a trade every day because I’m never trading my headless away

headless isnt even that like important bro :unamused:

equip it for drip :+1:

proof of drip attached

Underpays smh

Vetex add not-for-trade option for items when?

How are you getting these trades? I’ve got a headless and haven’t even gotten a single trade.

Some random offered me a collection of pistols for my American hat

Most American interaction in AO

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depends on your username/if you have a title ig

since yknow, the trader has to first look at your inventory, and that requires them to think you might have something

new trade

how the fuck does this gen 5 get 7 poison tooth daggers
more of his attempts:

I’ll do 8 poison tooth daggers (I only have 1)

bro i havent even SEEN a poison jaws and that man has SEVEN of its drop?

heh smbd tried to give me 2800 smth galleons for it
yes only money, i laughed at him for it

As a hustler this pains me seeing how hard it’s going to be to get headless

I mean if you look in the right places you can get it for a cheap price

Honestly now I really want vetex to add a way to disable an item up for trade but at the same time still want trades

Like disable the headless and the user can’t trade for it

all these trades for headless are starting to get annoying but at the same time I want hopes for like sunkens or something and NOT for my headless

favoriting items PLEASE

PLEASE let me have this sort at the top of inventory

suggestion made

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I’ll give a lot of cooked cursed mushrooms…
Once you have a taste, you’ll want even more

who the fuck has 7 poison daggers laying around
i swear there has to be exploiters spawnkilling sharks or something, would explain how rare they are