A concern on when you defeat bosses

You know when you defeat the boss Minotaur or exiled their bodies become defied of any calcium and becomes a liquid.
Are they generally ok when all the bones in their body shatters?
It says ‘defeated’ when it should say you basically killed them

They’re defeated, not killed. Multiple times in their last messages they reference coming back. The stat about them is even called “Bosses Defeated”. We didn’t kill them, they lived, and if WoM continued they probably would have reappeared as a helpful NPC or a boss, only stronger than before.

Should’ve been a final boss like the beginning repeated.

Personally I thought a fun concept for a final boss in WoM would be a player who went down the other path. Granted this would suck gameplay wise since the hero to villain ratio is is more like 40/60% rather than 50/50.

“Went through your villain route, well, one last hero is standing up to your villainy, take him down and you’ll [insert evil]”. Something like that. Tis but a dream now :frpensive:

they just uh, rest their bones so they can recover quicker

mino says sometimes that his legs give out so that could be why he just collapses

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I want to keep fighting, but my body won’t move… I will redeem myself one day… mark my words.
My legs have given out… urgh, I accept defeat. I guess I will be arrested now… huhuhuhu.
Ugh… you’re a strong warrior. I accept defeat, but I will be back!
It hurts… I cannot move anymore. You have bested me now, but I will grow stronger!
you dont kill them, you just beat them up pretty hard

To the point that they pass out to a few blasts

Defeated - no stamina, but they will come back
Killed - no life, they wont come back

I’m not sure, but in AO, they legally sue you in court

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t e s t e r l e a k

ok this meme is dead now
but idc

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yo fr?

do we get Phoenix Wright as a lawyer?


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AO is a god tier game CONFIRMED.


Fr! :weary::ok_hand:


Oh my god how did i miss the joke how did i not realize it was an Ace Attorney joke

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