A game idea I had - Illusive Annihilation

Illusive Annihilation

So I’m thinking of making a game, and I’ve got one concept that I might be able to make without giving up. It’s inspired by Hours but is more of an endless survival than a roguelike hack-and-slash (And without the time powers or JoJo references).

The Basics

You start with 5 sets of 5 waves before you can “Break free” of the illusion you are trapped in. These 5 sets will probably have quite short and easy preprogrammed waves, but after you “Break free” the waves become progressively harder and longer, serving as an endless survival.

The sets

The 5 sets of waves will have 4 themed enemy waves, and one boss wave relating to that theme, so for example the first set might be earth themed, and the enemies might have rock and nature-based powers, before you fight a big golem as the boss.

After each set you will be able to increase one of 5 stats, probably being:
Attack Speed
Basic attack damage
Skill damage
Movement speed

Breaking free from the illuision

After you “Break free” you won’t be able to increase your stats so it encourages the player to only increase the stats they think they would need. There will also be a small chance for a boss to come back for revenge during the endless stage.

The characters

In terms of characters, I think there would be a decently large selection, as, unlike HOURS they don’t all need unique upgrades. They each will have a unique weapon and some sort of magical ability I haven’t decided the name of yet. They can have up to two of these magical powers and the powers themselves can be anything. for example you could have a Rapier Frost/Shatter character or a Fan Wind/Spirit character.
Each character will have:
M1 attacks
Q skill
E skill
R skill
F ultimate (Has a longer cooldown, is more powerful, might need some sort of way to charge over time)

If we ever get to this point

Ezia isn’t allowed to make an overly edgy demon lord of darkness.

I’m also thinking of allowing some forummers to make forummer themed characters for themselves (If I ever get to the point that the game has basic functions)

The end (Thank goodness)

And that is my admittedly bad game idea, what do you think?

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(Also if you have any advice or ideas tell me)

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