A game inspired by the Arcane games

I’m making a game inspired by the Arcane games. Here is a screenshot of one of the villages I’m working on

It will be similar to the Arcane games, but also different. The name of the game is Elemental Odyssey because it has Elemental Powers and it is an Adventure game.
The game also has some lore, it’s also like my first serious game that I will actually work on and not abandon after 2 weeks.
Edit: Don’t have extremely high expectations


Looks promising! Can’t wait to see more info!

add plant magic pls

looks nice (though the name can be worked on)

I had no ideas of other names so I just went with Elemental Odyssey

The Elemental Seas

Elemental Odyssey feels too close to the inspiration to be it’s own thing
I think you should try something like elemental islands or matey’s and magic if you’re going for a pirate vibe


“magic pirate game battle zone wow fun real!”

How about…Magical Adventure?

Nah, way too corny

World of Magic

Elemental Discoveries?


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People be already calling this a copy of the Arcane games

the name pretty similar tbh
thats whats bothering us lmao

Elemental Adventures fits imo

this looks awesome! how much time do you think development will take until a playable beta and do you have a discord server dedicated to the game?

Looks nice

It will probably take a few months until I complete it and maybe a month to make a beta version.

Can I Murder People?

I wonder why vetex doesn’t recruit any of his talented fans, I think everyone would profit from it.


I’m not talented at all, I only have like 10 months of actual roblox game development experience since I didn’t take it seriously before. Vetex has 9+ years of experience so If I would be a developer I wouldn’t even know how to help lol.