A Heart Warming Welcome

Well when the game is out lots of people are probably going to flood into the forums really quickly so…to welcome them to the forums with a good impression, I decided to make this post as a way to give the current forum dwellers some love before they become official forum members.

Now then,give some love to the forum dwellers now will ya? Because I sure do hope you forum dwellers have a great time here! When you become a forum member of course.

dont they need to be checked by mods first

Well yes, but still I put this as a sort of post for the people who currently dwell on the forums just looking at random posts and those who plan on becoming forum members by giving them a warm welcome to the server, you know? Even though probably none of them will check this after joining properly but still worth a shot.

Help us. Gary lost his arms during the floods. This isn’t a heart warming welcome.

ayo sup

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