A large cat has been spotted

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 6.10.58 PM


Imagine being a cat lol

bruh that stuff gets on the news?

Trump has stopped saying stupid shit, so they need a new story


bruh, the news suc-

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this was a few years ago when a wild cougar was apparently causing shit, they just found a cat and filmed it because they couldn’t find the cougar

…this concerns me

what if they cant find the actual-

fake news

What a lovely bird

like m-

insert base booted music here

booted, verry nice

insert bass boosted flamingo song here

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How the heck is this newsworthy? Oh wait never mind it was about a cougar attack with a cat conveniently appearing where the cougar was.

this is the OG thing i got it from

bruh how



To a bird both are equally terryfying

which 1 is more terrifying


Because cats are weak

I can simply walk near them and they will run away in fear

Because of my power