A peculiar discovery

What would happen if two magics merged?


In outdated lore, Vetex merged 2 of his minds (aether and lightning) together to create the first man-made magic, aether lightning. It drastically shortened his lifespan and he died soon after

that was a rhetorical question, but this is what adrian’s done in the picture.
he merged his storm curse with a death magic scroll, creating death lightning (it’s from elden ring look it up)


it would make more sense to call it death storm because it’s just storm magic except stronger but “Death Storm” sounds edgy as fuck

ngl hadean lightning or deathly lightning sounds way better

I get its “DEATH-lightning” for a reason but that just sounds…eh?

hadean lightning sounds pretty cool

also death lightning is what it’s called in elden ring

cool, i have this oc with the “Silver Curse” and though he doesn’t technically merge magics into one like this, he can cast silver with fire or lightning magic to heat or electrically charge the spells and such

This is actually a boy? Lol. Well, maybe im bad at magics, but I dont see there any magics, no circles, only light and sword… looks like light curse or light magic infused with sword.

so that’s how frostmetal was made…

lightning yellow

I don’t see any lightning particles there, so its looks like light.

the straight lines look zappy

No circles - He’s a curse user
Light - It’s just a magic I made up, it’s a combination of the Storm curse and a Death magic scroll, kinda like how in the AA lore vetex’s character fused Aether and Lightning

now let’s see what happens when we merge poison and ash-

mustard gas

wait now let’s add explosion and…

congrats guys we made lag magic

weed man


equinox flame