A power ranking stereotype thing

Who would win in a fight between these two
Peacekeeper or Zhao Fang
Peacekeeper is one of if not the strongest AA lore character but Zhao Fang is the king of all gods holding powers of reality warping, regeneration, godlike stamina etc

Idk about AA lore but i think PK would win according to some random shit

from what I know (don’t take my words I literally have only read the lore document once, and that was 5 months ago)

Theos < Prometheus (strongest god in AA lore [I think]) < Blackbeard << Durza < PK
so I would guess if PK is stronger than Prometheus than probably

why the fuck would you pit someone who’s hardly solar system level against fucking king of all gods who can reality warp

don’t give me the bs that PK has killed gods before
gods in AA are just glorified humans who can do rad magic tricks

I don’t think I even need to fucking explain who wins in this fight

I’ll give you 3 guesses and the first one doesn’t count.

who is zhao fang


Well if we are going off aa he would prob severely downgraded kinda like the battle with Zeus.

But if we go with realty yea it’s not a fair fight.MAYBE if pk had all the curses it would buff him to MAYBE solar system to high balling multi solar system.and even then it’s not fair

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Oh wait i didn’t’ read this yeah Zhao Fang or whatever easily wins, Reality warping solo’s

i have no clue who zhao fang is/

but reality warping is curbstomp

Who the fuck are either of these people

piss keeper ( funni curse man) and who tf


p kepr

penis keeper? well i sure hope he does keep his penis


Damn .-.

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