A simple theoretical question

If I theoretically ate the flesh of another human by accident, would or wouldn’t I be held accountable in a court of law, assuming that the flesh I ate was in the area of their forearm?

how did this hypothetical person accidentally eat flesh from someone’s forearm?? If they sue the hypothetical person then yes, this hypothetical person would be held accountable for their actions.

In this hypothetical scenario, what do you think would be the potential hypothetical jail time for that person who accidentally ate the other person’s forearm flesh?

Or the punishments that will come with it if there’s no hypothetical jail time

  1. Why the forearm specifically…

  2. If you had no knowledge at all that you ate someone’s flesh, then it wouldn’t be illegal at all since I don’t think there are any laws against cannibalism specifically plus you had no knowledge of what type of meat it was. If you were to injure the person for flesh, murder the person for flesh, or take a piece off of a corpse, then you would be held accounted for.

  3. Don’t take anything I’ve said 100% since of course I’m not a lawyer

yes, there would probably be jail time for this hypothetical person IF the court found out. I assume it’s regarded as attempted murder. How much flesh did the hypothetical person bite off?

take everything with a grain of salt cause I’m not a lawyer either LMAO

This is good information to know

Just gonna say all this stuff without any context…


what happens if you swallow someone else’s skin flakes.


is that cannibalism

No, as you have to eat their flesh for it to be conisdered cannibalism, eating their skin flakes won’t do them no harm nor is it bad for you.

Don’t skin flakes count as flesh.

Or maybe skin in general.

Also how would you eat someone’s flesh by accident.

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depends on what the judge decides prob, but i would say no (morally)

assuming you were unaware of the fact that it’s human flesh

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