A week of game asset creation

Showcasing every game asset model I have made this week

Thanks to Rusty_Shovels for commissioning me to do some modeling work for him
he’s creating an FPS game however, it still had no gameplay, and right now just some small test

My opinion on the rifle
It’s fine but it took me freakin 5 hours just to fix some part

My opinion on the pistol
The modeling process is fine but me learning to make something fictional that can still be working IRL is worth the time

My opinion on the shotgun
It’s pretty much a Remington 870 with a magazine
which I heard is pretty much shotgun but with a more technical issue

My opinion on the knife
It took me 4 minutes to create lol

My opinion on the rocket launcher
It took me 5 minutes of learning how RPG work and 5-minute modeling lol

Ignore my grammar mistake and thanks for reading


Nice modeling. The rifle looks especially good.

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Damn those look very cool, love that you took the time to research how they worked.

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Looks good, the shotgun’s proportions fell a bit off though.

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probably because it has a magazine (which isn’t normal for a remington)

No, Remingtons definitely do have clip fed magazines.

oh ok (i’m not a gun expert lol)

The shotgun is my favourite, too. Even though it has both a clip and tube magazine.

It’s the client request for it to have a magazine, I even think “this shotgun is a bit weird”

Could you explain which part is a bit off?
I think it’s the pump but maybe I’m wrong

Idk, just feels like holding it would feel a bit off, maybe add another grip ?

I’ll try and maybe add some attachment to each gun if Rusty agree with the idea of attachment for the game

looks cool as always.

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