AA Webcomic - Chapter 29 Part 3


Final projects have been a killer and had to dedicate a huge chunk of my time finishing those, but we’re handing them in tonight so i should be able to have a little more time to work on the comic and other art projects before finals week hits!

page 4500 btw, creeping up on 5000 pages



face of revolt




Juniper has seen some shit


Angel needs promethean slap from her dad

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I really loved scenes like this big Flare spike. The detailing and effects you put into every magic blast really don’t get talked about enough. Really, it’s not even just Flare Magic that looks amazing, I always loved the artwork for magics like Phoenix, Sun, Life, Rebecca’s Lightning, Promethean Flame and its grand fire imitations, etc. Yet for whatever reason, I have never once seen anyone complimenting the art. Maybe it’s because the visuals are so good they just speak for themselves, so nobody thinks to talk about them because everyone already knows they’re great. Regardless, I’ll be the first one to do it.

Also, I’m not entirely sure if I’m just seeing things or not, but I feel like the art style has advanced a bit in this episode. The characters’ faces are more expressive, I like it.



so… fucking is allowed but not that ? alright then…
edit: apparently, it’s a slur
my bad then


Trigno x Juniper on top


Yeah man 100%, one of the best parts about re-reading is seeing how much the art style changes and evolves over the years. We’re basically seeing an artist perfect their craft and I’m all here for it


glad you chose flare as juniper’s mutation because it is by far the best looking magic you’ve drawn in this comic, amazing work as always.

also apparently romulus is an iron magic user?


notice the gloved hand, romulus is too cool to wear gloves
rumbling caldera just has a metal wizard around to form cannonballs as needed

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Memories broken, the truth goes unspoken
I’ve even forgotten my name
I don’t know the season or what is the reason
I’m standing here holding my blade

A desolate place (place)
Without any trace (trace)
It’s only the cold wind I feel
It’s me that I spite as I stand up and fight
The only thing I know for real

There will be blood (blood) shed (shed)
The man in the mirror nods his head
The only one (one) left (left)
Will ride upon the dragon’s back
Because the mountains don’t give back what they take

Oh no, there will be blood (blood) shed (shed)
It’s the only thing I’ve ever known

Losing my identity
Wondering, “Have I gone insane?”
To find the truth in front of me I must climb this mountain range
Looking downward from this deadly height and never realizing why I fight

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Yes… It’s not that bad, compared to other drinks, even the industrialized, cheap one… Well, the industrialized, cheap one is the bad one, but still… Not as bad as other drinks.

The pose on the other hand… That’s amazing.

No, you’re not seeing things at all. If you just read this one, and then the first, or even one in the middle of the series, the art style HAS changed a bit, and certainly improved a crap ton.

these are the only topics i hate being revived, you made me think there was a new chapter

if you dont want to get fooled by topics like these reviving you could just follow trollus to receive a notification whenever they post :person_shrugging:
this way, youll know whenever trollus posts the next chapter part

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Why did you have to tell him that? Let him be fooled and me laugh at him…

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