AA Webcomic - Chapter 30 Part 5


summer term coming to a close soon, got some final projects to finish on top of work
this heat sucks, looks like it’s happening in a lot of places, take care everyone



australia is funny


oh to think what could have been :frcryin:


Its been a while since Juniper used her shadow magic, maybe we can see a mutation during the fight with rupin

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Yea, the heat is terrible where I live, can’t imagine places like Arizona.

Good luck with those projects!

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acccording to the lore (or so ive been told), the pk gets a huge power boost at the end of the sixth sea. i can presume this means pk gets a second mutation during/after the fight against roop
just what might the mutation be though that juniper gets? :face_with_monocle: my guess is either equinox, darkflame or whatever its called, or poison. but who knows whatll happen

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