About shapes etc

Will only have shapes of

Blast - explosion?

OR will have more , like beam aura etc , maybe snare?

explosion shape…

Fire mushroom , lightning mushroom , bruh , that will be so awesome.
This topic is probably unnecessary but I want a quick answer…

Also magic status points 150 right?
I have anything more to ask.

So what I’m getting at here is, you wanna know if other spells will get shape options outside of blast spells, correct?

I’m not sure, but a cube/sword explosion could be interesting…

maybe like a sword explosion is like a giant swing? hammer explosion slams the floor?

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currently we only have shapes for blast and explosion, but its reasonable to think that other spells will have shape too (i also think they will have them)
as for explosion shapes, they are the same as blast shapes but its the shape coming down from the sky to make the explosion.

you need 220 stats for blast shape and 250 for explosion shape


crystal greatsword falling from the sky sounds badass