About the Curse got flung away when their user die thing

  1. how fast do they fly ? can you see it with your eyes ?

  2. what happened if one just fcking land on you ? do you die from the impact or do you become a Curse User ?

  3. does different types of Curse have different “flung power” ? like, Grand Fire Curse literally get yeet into the atmosphere or even outer space meanwhile the others will just land somewhere on the planet.
    Do Curses of the same type have different flung power ( Explosion flung farther than Shadow or sht like that ) or are they all the same ?

yes im out of thing to ask that i have to resort to this



become curse reject humanity

probably, pretty sure some curses are in fucking space and I don’t see how else they’d get there. I’m inclined to believe that their “fling power” goes off of their actual power (grand fire curses vs “normal” curses) and not the type of power (like explosion vs shadow).



feels like the fling force would scale based on their classification, but their specified element might also have an effect on it though I will not delve into that

tl;dr: your questions do not have solid proof, ask in vetcord for techlevel to make up a random lore fact

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1: dunno but I’ve always imagined they shoot up in an arch and just land wherever they hit

2: You’d probably become a curse user, this is a better question for tech

3: yes, the grand fire curses specifically go very fast and high (the Promethean flame curse is rumored to be orbiting the world)

Zoom zoom

Even if you could see it with your eyes I doubt you would see exactly where it lands

You probably absorb the curse before it hits you, I dunno if it even has weight.

No clue


the real question is, if you stand on the curse user when they die Do you get flung with the curse or do you absorb it?

my guess it’ll act like electricity and go out the way with the least resistance and completely ignore you and b-line somewhere random

One of my planned plotpoints for Crimson Origins will not work if you can’t see a flying curse with your eyes, so I’ll just say yes.

As far as I know, curses aren’t physical “things”. They create no impact or kinetic energy upon impact that I know of, so you’d probably just become a curse user.

probably not

imagine just walking around and then some massive ass glowing cube impales you

damn thats like my ideal way to ‘die’

immortality sucks but if i can fuck the world up then im taking it

I mean, Durza was casually walking through a forest until he found some random cube that apparently granted him the power of the absorption curse. I imagine that when a curse flies out of the person, it may manifest as a cube as well or something of the sort? Also, if it did land on someone, it’s likely that given its magic energy shooting out that the person would probably gain the curse rather than die.

asking the real questions


Either that or it just
miraculously spawns near where the user died
kinda like the devil fruits from one piece when the users die the nearest fruit becomes the devil fruit itself

This might answer your question

Probably depends on how strong the user is. The stronger the user and it’s curse, the faster it flies. You can probably see it, but it’ll most likely be a blur. This also answers question 3, cuz I think the speed and distance of a curse being shot depends on the users strength, like cursebeard or morock for example.

You’d probably absorb it. Curses are probably massless cuz they’re just an energy of sorts, so you won’t die

pro tip: hug the curse user as they die

damn curse users have another reason to avoid making “friend” now huh

they don’t “spawn” next to where the curse users dies, that’s a confirmed fact, it is quite literally yeeted away

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