Account age requirement for twitter codes

There is currently only a single twitter code in the game, which gives 200 crowns when used. However, this feature can be abused to generate a large quantity of crowns by making a large amount of alt accounts to use the codes. I feel that this is an issue due to the newly added feature of guild banks, safely storing the crowns removing the risk of losing them almost completely.

I think that to use Twitter codes, an account should have to be 30 days+ old to use Twitter codes, this would prevent the abuse of alt money printers to an extent but would not completely nullify the issue. Alternatively, Twitter code items could be marked in a way that would make them untradeable, (Also applies to crowns) as to stop the inflation of the currency/item.

This change would minorly affect players that have only just signed up for Roblox, and players that use alt accounts to use more than 3-6 files.

I think I’ve put way too many words in this.

Wouldn’t you be able to use one twitter account for all the alts? :face_with_monocle:

What do you mean by that?

Codes will be active until the next major update - we’re expecting about 36 (32?) codes from now to TGR. Obviously not all of them will be crowns, but plenty will.
I wouldn’t be surprised if you could give yourself an instant injection of around 1k to 2k crowns in the last couple weeks.

It’s definitely a problem, especially now that we have guild banks to provide effective storage, but I don’t think this suggestion does much to help.

Large scale abuse of codes is mostly unhindered, because any forward thinking entrepreneur can just make a couple dozen accounts now (or in 2 months time, TGR is a long ways away) and cash in their thousand credits on all of them before the codes expire. Even if we disregard the false positives and extend the timer, it’s only a matter of time before accounts made today are legal for codes.

Small scale abuse isn’t really affected either - most people capable of running two clients simultaneously have an alt already, for some reason or other. I don’t even ban evade and I have 5 (mostly novelty usernames).

If we must have crown rewards (and I think we could honestly just not), maybe untradable “discount vouchers” or something? Legal tender at any NPC shop, but they can’t be traded (and converting them into crowns by selling bought items means you’ll lose 80%).


how bout this…your FILE must be at least 40 (?) hours ‘old’ in order to use codes

40 hours is a long time
1 hour would probably be enough to stop the worst abuse

Maybe…how about 3 hours?

I think that 1 hour of file age would be more than enough, it’s a better idea than what I suggested.

Oof, I read it wrong


you can edit it, and credit NoBanana and me? i guess

maybe just say assisted by The Legend 7.0, gotten from NoBanana, original concept created by Zahriella…

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