Actual bruh moment

roblox moderation is a joke

for once i agree with you

i knew you would agree with what i posted
almost everyone agrees with what i posted

I got a warning for posting a decal of Steve from minecraft.

I was going to say something about this ban but it seems Roblox finds it offensive

b r u h


Decals are dangerous


insert amount of words


Banned for saying “b r u h”


Remember the roblox forums?

Not particularly…


Roblox formers were banned very often.

Sounds about right.

Lmao, I guess almost everything is going to be considered an offensive word for roblox.

Yeah it was an easy place to get banned until quackity effectively removed it due to his raid lol. The limited community was outraged.

Hm, interesting.

Yup roblox’s servers could not handle quackitys raid so they had to remove it entirely.

I remember people posting some weird stuff on the forums lol