Actual Serious topic on spearbreak disbanding

Alright. Um. Yeah we did disband. My main reasoning is because. I honestly did not like my guild that much. It was poorly executed. And was originally made as a test run. Hence why the rank names I had for it was built up so strangely. Second reasoning was due to yes what vetex said. So as of april 27th We disbanded in game…


We did not disband as a guild. In fact. We plan on coming back even stronger than before. WAY STRONGER. LIKE… ACTUAL LEADERBOARD WORTHY STRONGER. With our in game disbanding. I have other things I can do now. I no longer feel soul tied to this game. I feel like there’s a chance for me to work on the guild harder than before. Like the opportunity finally slapped me in the face to reveal itself to me.

So. As I disbanded the guild. I made thoughts of what to do with it. Of course we weren’t just gonna die out like that. I didn’t want to make my friends and members get lost with nowhere to go. As no other guild would take them as of current. So what do I do?

Simple. We’ve now focused entirely on different things

Our pvp skill at this point is our only matter in wom. Even then AO is probably gonna be a bit different. But nothings better than preperations correct?

We’ve mostly taken a break beforehand so we died out before I disbanded anyways. So what’s gonna happen now?

We’re revamping the guild. T.S.B.O is no more. The SpearBreakers is the new name. We have new designs. New Lore. And as we speak im revamping every aspect… Every single speck. in this guild is gonna be re built. Every channel will be complete. And then after AO releases. I can only hope that you’ll witness a cavalcade… A swarm of us shooting out spears and beating your ass harder than it’s ever been beat. So with that. Yes. We disbanded. But we didn’t disband.

if you say dnc you are have stupid.

Just change the guild name to something that doesn’t start with spear

Spear breakers


The guild for drunks and party animals alike!

I think Spearbreakers is a cool name but it didn’t really make sense when you thought about it

we’re discussing a name change later. We might become an umineko and dishonored rip off soon.


We’re voting… It looks like we’re about to be called voyagers soon.

Guild Breakers sounds way more intimidating.

Sounds like a huge amount of solo guilds in a group.

Btw we’re now called voyagers due to a vote.

I like the sound of “Voyagers”. Has a good ring to it.

Spellbreakers looking good



greasygamers united


Every top PvPer using a invis guild needs to be named this

dnc. Jk good luck

Good luck