Add a unique cosmetic item reward for players who receive the bronze sea explorer title

Add a unique cosmetic item reward for players who receive the bronze sea explorer title
effort 4.0 1 quality 4.0 1 reasonability 3.0 1

Players should be rewarded with a physical item to show off their achievement

Potential rewards:

  • ship colour or design
  • ship sail
  • unique back pack vanity
  • top or bottom vanity
  • a hat
  • a special quarter master
  • crew cosmetic
  • a permenant add on to your ship that cannot be gained any other way such as a telescope or a map table or a food barrel

The quest:
There could even be a cool little quest where you go to the sailors lodge and find a mysterious explorer sitting in the tavern. You can only interact with them if you have the title equipped otherwise it would say “the explorer ignores you.”

The explorer could ask for a small request to prove that you are worth the title and upon completing the quest will reward the player.


I kinda like the idea of an add on to your ship, would be cool to just collect a bunch of them from different items

maybe when we get those customizable player cabins in bigger ships these could be things we could display

Ideally it’s two things, ship sail (for near universal coverage), and something for the captain cabin when the frigate gets added.

Yh that was my personal favourite choice since as you said would be a collection of cool unique items that you got to earn

honestly I kinda want a sort of badge collection thing in the cabin, where there’s preset spots for every single cool thing you get per badge

maybe stuff like the open test badges are little models of things in the tests, like maybe that fountain in ironport, meanwhile bronze sea explorer is some model of the sea, abolitionist is the burnt flag, etc

stuff like leaderboard badges wouldnt be items because FUCK THAT BRUH

What about the ship design (similar to the ship gamepass where you can change the colours and what not)

Maybe to not devalue the gamepass it could just be a design (like a dragon or stripes) rather than a recolour.

Imagine you can wear badges as well.

eh, I like the idea of each non-renown tied badge being just something for your cabin, would be a cool completionist reward to see your cabin full of all sorts of trinkets found in your odyssey :tm:

maybe the welcome to WoM badge could be a magius relic in your cabin and the tutorial badge a book

Oh yh that would be cool as well. I wonder if it would difficult to implement.

I mean, it’s just “if badge then load object” or something idk

100% bronze sea exploration should give you items related to the sea for when ship cabin customization and building on islands is added properly.

Redwake and Ravenna flags/banners
A model sailor’s lodge to put on a table
A map of the bronze sea to also put on a table
A purple flower from Akursius
A smaller version of Calvus’ throne
Similar little unique momentos from the various bronze sea islands
Golden statues of the bosses? (might be a bit too over the top)

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I kinda like just one thing to do with a sea per badge, this would realistically be just a little object per sea to give you a memory

maybe like a model of some place or perhaps some bronze?

I mean it’d be a shame if there weren’t special items themed around the more unique islands that really stand out like akursius, frostmill, redwake, sailor’s lodge, ravenna, and mount orthys

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I like the model of sailures lodge that sounds really cool. The bronze sea map should be abke to place on either the table and the wall as well.

A lot of these really make sense, I’m not sure about having all of these in the same package though.

Instead of getting all of this when getting the badge, you should get these items by 100%ing their correlated islands. Sailor’s Lodge model for Sailor’s Lodge, the purple flower for completing Akursius, etc. Of course the map of the Bronze Sea and the banners/flags should be from getting the badge since that’s the entire sea’s exploration.

To add a couple of my own ideas to island specifics:

  • A skull replica decoration with a pirate captain hat on it for completing the Northern Jaws
  • Giant Banana decoration for completing Shell Island
  • Something pumpkin related for Harvest Island, or maybe just a model of it because the whole island looks kinda pretty
  • A chair adorned with a wolf pelt for Wind-Row Island
  • A potted cactus for Sandfall Isle
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yes we must expand the island themed decorations!!

Honestly, just give us cosmetics/accessories for all the hard to get/rare achievements. Perfect cooking, Expert/Master Angler, Bronze Sea, ect ect. It would give people more of an incentive to get the titles and achievements, as you can actually flex it in a more cool/outright way.

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