Adjustments to the Edward Kenton upgrade quest

Adjustments to the Edward Kenton upgrade quest
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Remove the requirement to kill 3 navy soldiers at SilverHold.

The context of the quest is implied to be a “get in, get out” affair. You get his gear and get the hell out.

Especially when Edward Kenton says he left the marines because of the killing. I can’t imagine he wants to murder his former comrades. More over he’s not the “evil” choice.

Its a very weird requirement, especially since it happens after you get his stuff. So you’ve already infiltrated the building and collected the items, now go commit murder.

Considering its a superfluous requirement, can put positive reputation players in a weird spot, and it seems contradictory to edward kenton’s story, i think its something that should be removed.

i thought they were just defeated, not killed

“Dont worry man, those men will get back up soon after getting blasted by pure plasma”

that sailor’s uniform puts in work

I give 3 sailors frostbite and now the navy wants to execute me? What the hell Kenton I thought this was going to be a stealth mission.

free exp though

Yeah I was super confused as to why we had to kill 3 random dudes while supposedly escaping even if none were following us :skull:

I think the in universe reason is that they got in your way on your escape route so they had to be defeated to get out of your way

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