Allay vs vex

who wins fite? I personally think Vex wins because of iron sword, but idk maybe Allay got something

they’re kinda opposites too

Allay seems to be just a mob that doesn’t have any fighting capabilities so Vex would easily win. As for which one is a better mob/mob concept, I would say Allay since the idea of getting duplicates of an item seems very useful to me.

Allay doesn’t duplicate items, they collect items that are on the ground

Allay winnin’ by the way


oof I heard it wrong

Still a very cool concept though!

Yeah it’s a common misconception

I’m definitely voting for allay tho, Copper Golem is just a redstone clock except it stops working after a while, and Glare isn’t as useful as an item collector is

Plus Allay dances (Won’t be upset if the other mobs win tho)

From my very limited perspective copper golem is cooler, allay is just moving hopper

I don’t mind copper golems cause then we get another button and it’ll be useful for testing buttons? Idk but the button part is useful

I will Mald until the day I die if somehow Glare gets added


Yeah, Glare getting in would be crazy unexpected unless Dream rigs it

Copper golems seem cute and a decent way to use copper. I’m sure they won’t only press buttons (:frcryin:) and would get another use most likely if they’re voted in.

for some reasons i though “vex” refers to Vetex and wonder “who the f is allay”

i need to go outside and touch grass soemtimes

Vetex added to Minecraft CONFIRMED?!?!!?!??! (Gone Wrong!) (You Won’t Believe What Happens!) (Durza Came!) (I Found A Curse!) (3 A.M. Challenge!) :scream::scream::scream:

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i hate you
also congrats on your odyssey feed btw

Thamk. :heart::point_left::nod:

Pretty sure Vetex commenting is gonna boost my ego through the roof tho