Allow people to queue with a group of people at the title screen

Allow people to queue with a group of people at the title screen
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I heard that the title screen is going back to the way it is in arcane adventure, which means that you dont directly join the game, instead it sends you to the title screen and you have a option to join a random server or join a friend who’s already in a server. However, when you cant check the size of a server before you join, you wouldn’t know if the server you’re going to join is big enough for you to join with all of your friends or not. This can be annoying and waste a lot of time, as you and your friends would have to keep on joining servers and hoping that the server is large enough for everyone.

So, I think that Vetex should look at how the Roblox game Ragdoll Universe handles that problem. In that game, you can create a party for all of your friends to join at the title screen, and once you hit play, it sends everyone to a server that’s big enough for everyone to join. No one would have to waste time server hopping, everyone could just jump in and play.

Some people would say that this feature could cause huge groups to join servers and dominate, so I think a cap of 4-5 people being able to queue together is reasonable. 5 people can be a lot, however this game is a huge adventure game with a lot of social aspects, so not being able to enjoy it with a group friends would be worse than getting ganked by 5 people.

what can i say but
this would be such a QoL improvement i would vanish out of existence if this happened


This looks like a reasonable quality suggestion. I’ll vote.

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yes (x3)


Simple response.

What are the odds of this going into Odyssey Feed?

I don’t think I will be doing Odyssey Feed this week. WAY too much stuff to cover, already Tuesday (I was at my Grandparent’s house for a while) and I need to desperately work on other things.

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By way too much stuff you mean the recent TGR dumps? Taking time is an option. No one is rushing you at all and if you are busy with other things outside of the forums then it’s completely understandable.


Don’t have likes rn so here


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i’ll take it but promise me you’ll give me the like once you can give it

p l e a s e


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I am out of votes so take this 5 star in reasonability instead because this needs to happen.

I had many questions after reading the title, but now it’s clear.
I don’t think I’ll ever need to use it but it’s still a very cool suggestion

Even if you won’t need it, and some won’t too, it’s a nice option to have. Not saying you didn’t say that though. More good options means better.

here have a vote yes

not necessarily needed but cool feature

I really like the idea, you have my vote; however, I can’t really see it happening. We’ll see though :woman_shrugging:

Effort: Added an example and small explanation
Quality: Follows the same reason as effort
Reasonability: Seems like a really good idea, but I can’t really see it being implemented

@bacon_creator if he saw that he can que up with his friends

hell yeah