Alr mutation time

Y ain’t nobody talkin about mutations/lost magics
I’m goin phoenix and promethean fire bc they look cool and they will go well with my planned combo :explosion_magic: :fire_magic: :plasma_magic_var1:
what do you ppls think :fr:

They’re not mutations. Also, everyone has talked about them. Hundreds upon hundreds of times.

Pheonix is a mutation

A mutation of the base elements we saw in AA, sure. The reason that they aren’t considered mutations anymore and have fallen into being Lost or Ancient is because Mutations are now commonplace, with a huge amount of the Base magics being Mutations from AA. It’s easier to just classify them as Lost or Ancient because there’s really no point in categorizing them into normal or mutation anymore.

Phoenix magic is still a mutation

Promethean Fire isn’t and has never been a mutation

welp im stupid

more that I thought I was

I havent seen any

Currently in WoM your right, but in the new lore (just guessing about this) magic like phoenix magic will be mutations, AO takes place only a month after Durza’s fight with the PK so, the evolution of magic should be around the same as in AA. (also sorry if this is offensive in any way)

nah, Vetex is pretty transparent about this as far as on the Trello and he even adjusted the names of Primordials to Ancients, then moving, adding, or removing some to each category. if he was changing things back to mutations the Trello would have said as much as soon as he changed his mind about it

:wood_magic_var1: :hamburger:

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Also this has nothing to do with what we’re talking about lol

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Promethean fire magic is a rare occurrence when mutating fire magic though, so technically it is a mutation

No it’s not, it’s a magic made by Prometheus

oh ok