Altruism Recruitment letter

This is a swag guild that you should join if you are good at pvp!!!

We basically revolve around ganking gankers, if we see a guild getting infamy off of some weak people, we will gank them and save the noob, this will give us infamy, piss off guilds like silverthorn, and make everyone love us, therefore we will become one of the most praised guilds in wom, not from striking fear into everyone, but by saving them, and making them enjoy their experience of wom/ao.

Anyways enough of the “OMG SUCH KEWL GILD” talk,

–HOW DO I JOIN?– You probably aren’t asking that, but I’ll answer it anyways because fuck you. To join you must be very good at pvp, respected, kind and must have knowledge about the game.
If you do not pass the trials, but You do ok, you will be given the “On trial” role. And u must train and come back to us later, anyways, here are the cool stuff :sunglasses:

Join it

Edit: almost forgot to put this in

That’s a video about us and some pvp in the background


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I am not very good at recruitment letters…

Have you ever thought about how no one cares. Terrible at pvp too.

what was the purpose of this reply?

no one cares

Getting shit on in the comments yikes

What was the purpose of this post?

Who wants to join a guild when theres gonna be an infamy wipe :shrug:


I was debating joining, or helping out perhaps. But this doesn’t excite me.
Also I’ve quit the infamy grind until AO. :woman_shrugging:

To recruit people

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