..am i capable?

school starts tomorrow and i still have about 380 pages to read/annotate for my summer reading.

i also only have like four hours but i think i can do it.

SPEED READ :sunglasses:

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Use blender and turn book into shake and drink it to obtain their knowledge

Never back down never what!

Burgr, why did you do this to yourself? 380 pages in 4 hours is about 1.6 pages a minute…

it is out of our hands now

hoping we arent taking a test on all the information tomorrow or some shit cuz i only finished the first book (i still have 300 pages to read)

but hey, at least i finished the harder book first.

didnt even have four hours lmao, i had to pack my school shit and eat which took about 1.5 hours of my time :sob:

no one procrastinates as well as i do :sunglasses:

What did you have to read?

Ask chatGPT to summarize it all into short digestible information.

ive read over 4000 pages in the past month you can do it

please just lie about it all, summer reading sounds like hell anyway

bro thats wild are you like an english major or some shit?

i refuse to do this. AP Lit is, according to my peers, one of the most difficult courses offered at my high school. plus apparently the teacher is a bitch too. i aint lookin to get on her bad side this early :sob:

What place you live in order to people force you to read in summer?

:eagle: :us:

Good luck then

scarlett letter and life of pi

i honestly hated both books but scarlett letter was better than life of pi to me which i was not expecting.

the stormlight archive is a good series

im not really good at reading book series, but ill have to look into it lol. i mostly read standalone novels, especially classic sci-fi ones.

i mean if its so good that you read the entire thing in one month i gotta say im at least a little curious lmao

go read game of thrones and lord of the rings

oo i read that too iz great