Am I Wrong?

A Child Proof Lock Stops Being A Child Proof Lock When The Child Learns What’s A Child Proof Lock.

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a child proof lock become and adult proof lock and eventually a human proof lock



the child proof lock is invincible

Fair Enough

yes because it only becomes “unchild proof” when the child learns how to bypass it; not when the child learns that it is child-proof

My mom told me that I got a bottle of narcotics open when I was a baby so I guess it wasn’t even newborn proof :fr:

what if the child proof isn’t a lock, what if the lock is a metaphor? for example, the “lock” was a lid that is just labelled child proof. It wouldn’t make it less harder for other people.

but if the child gets too smart for it’s own good it’ll probably still be to dumb to be able to handle any dangers that lay beyond the child proof lock and will probably die
so theoretically, in the greater perspective, it is correct

doesnt matter since i believe companies cant just label a regular product “child proof” without making any adjustments to the product

Why the fuck is this here?

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uhhh, ooook…

what were narcs doing in yo house? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My dad’s mom decided it would be a good idea for a baby to play with a bottle of medicine