Angel vs Rupin: which is harder?

Ive seen comments on ar posts saying that angel is easy, while rupin is rng based or whatever bullshit. Personally i disagree cause i find rupin easier to dodge and counter. Imma just leave a poll up for your thoughts

Which boss fight is harder?
  • Angel
  • Rupin

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This is ar

These guys never made it to AA before its tragic death

angel personally, the spam healing when i get her red then after 2 rounds of healing and me sniping her with musket back to full hp and it continues aaa. light q aimbot is bruh shower can be a nightmare especially if i don’t see it in time and fire pillar is underwhelming and not hard.

rupin is meh but “rng” moveset of his had me being grabbed sent flying then grabbed to being beaten down. otherwise not too difficult after 2-3 tries ig

It does since these bosses aren’t in AA lol

they were around the same difficulty for me at first, although since you have a reason to go back and grind Rupin he easily becomes the easier boss once you learn his moveset

Rupin was nerfed

Rupin is suffering for me, Angel is ehh (wait, he was nerfed?!)

so the thing about angel is that you can just stand at a distance and dodge occasionally when she uses the pillar, and its more of a matter of being a really long fight rather than actual difficulty

with rupin, he always chases you, and theres no cover for you to use, so you rely on sheer distance to evade attacks
ngl tho hes pretty easy when you’re at the level of doing like 400-500 dps
that being said, half the time you can’t even see rupin

like…which has the harder dick? im confused

which one requires more skill

Angel strat is hiding inside the castle, Rupin strat is running like a madman, both easily done /shrug

Angel is a futa canon when ?

lmao rip

The thing is though, rupin has a range limit: his grab move is self explanatory, his fire pillars attack doesnt cover the whole island, and his flamethrower type attack has a range limit, so if you manage to get out of range, you can easily get some free hits in. His dive bombing requires some dashing spam or alot of running if you predict it early. Not to mention that he doesnt have other moves that do different things unlike angel.

Meanwhile angel has light beam which is her most annoying move and has a pretty big targetting range that covers the whole island and a good chance to hit, fireball that can do a good chunk if youre not careful, divine shower that can obliterate you fast, dragon flame pillar that is guaranteed to hit you if you dont spam dash (which is actually harder on her island because of the trees i think), and unlike rupin, can shield and heal herself

perfectly balanced