Another hypothetical

Would you win in a fight against a group of sentient office supplies and machines? If not, what animal could win against sentient office supplies and machines?

just flood everything

Stapler would be pretty dangerous

I could win. A Hippo could Win, A Gorilla could win, A chimpanzee could win, an Elephant could win, a wolf could win, a rhino could win, any large herbivore or major predator could win.

wait im confused how would u win

If you or the animal can successfully destroy all the opponents

You could kill the office supplies that can be used as weapons first, then use it too destroy the others.

how will you kill a fax machine that is rushing you down

who said you couldn’t use a flamethrower in this battle?

arson time :smiley_cat: :fire_magic:

nah bro vending machines would dominate

what kind of machine ?

im aint throwing hands with a vending machine and coming back alive lmao

any sort of moderate-large size predators ig

just fight it like the whomp king from mario 64

I am trained for this

Fax machines, printers, computers, lamps, coffee makers, etc

oh alr then ig i can throw hand with them and coming back alive

unless the printers is the large a$$ type, then no thank you ( im assuming they move by levitating, if they have to drag their a$$ across the ground or move by jumping then i might have a chance )