Another new weapon idea

This is my thing now

Weapon idea

“A longer than normal broadsword made of a brilliant pearl colored metal and a blue hilt adorned with 4 Amethyst gemstones, Myths say it was once owned by a great warrior who donned cracked white armor and had a strong sense of justice”

-Lvl 110-
-25 base damage-
-1.2 attack size-
-1 speed-

Q - Wrathful Storm
The User swings their sword multiple times and launches a flurry of 5 large flying projectile slashes.

E - Breaker rush
An extremely quick long dash directly toward the target, followed by a series of slower, horizontal swings.

R - Cyclone
The user spins around with their sword, releasing a large tornado-like area of damage, and then slams their sword into the ground releasing another shockwave

? - Armor piercer
A precise forward thrust that creates a fast projectile of compressed air, capable of terrain destruction.

? - Ultimate art: Exile
The user raises their sword to the sky and jumps towards the target before performing slashes and spin attacks in quick succession, then finishing them with a heavy swing that comes out extremely quickly and creates an explosion of compressed air.

Something feels off…




The exiled if he was a warlord:

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