Any classic forumers?

You know the ones that joined in 2020 (or earlier)? Are they still active? Or is it just me?

100% not just you but I cannot name a good number of them off the top of my head


Shhhh we’re trying to blend in with the youngsters.

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buon jour

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i am a late 2020 forumer

I joined the forums like a few days before or after release.
I’m definitely still active.

I joined on halloween in 2020, so it’s rather late but I don’t know when the forums started.

I joined June 2020

If I remember correctly, the day the forums opened up was on June 20, 2020, but around mid-April of the same year, there were some people only exclusively allowed in. I joined June 22, 2020 so not at all far from public release.

Oh that means I joined first public day, I didnt know i was that early

uh idk if i count
i played the game since open test 1, i just didn’t know about forums then

april 2020 /shrug

Pretty sure I joined in 2020

I know a few, including myself, that joined in 2020.
The true classics would be the level 50’s at that certain time in 2020

Anyway, I have seen too many 2020 classics disappear, but there are still some of them active, like Noober and Misinput

and literally everyone else on this thread…

(other than me of course, im not an oldhead :blush:)

Just doing the ones I didn’t get reminded of because of this thread.

I just wanted to go by memory

Still alive and kicking

Apparently i joined in 2020, i think


I’ve been around for a while but i’m not as active as before. I joined mid 2020 sometime after the forum opened to the public.

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