Any competitive swimmers in these forums?

Just asking as swimming feels quite unpopular.

former competitive swimmer.
I used to be great when I was like 8-9 years old
not so much anymore

Same I was great when I was younger. Trying to pick it up again with 32 seconds in 50m freestyle.

time to watch this blow up with professional swimmers while i sit down not knowing how to swim

dad plucked me out and (basically) forced me to go to a competitive inter-school gala
and I got like 5-6th place out of 8 in both my races.

I used to be like consistent 2nd-3rd
not anymore I guess

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I used to. Was in varsity my first year because we had like 8 people total e.e

Breaststroke/Freestyle gang wya?

Damn breaststroke is my worst stroke while freestyle and butterfly were my best.

cries in butterfly

It kills your arms

ya, I like the even spread of breast and free

also breast chill af

Yup freestyle feels nice but I just can’t get the hang of breast stroke for some reason.

Lots of coordination and a good tempo

I was the only representative of my school. Everyone was too into basketball :frowning:

Hmmmm alright.

gave it some thought cause i was always naturally good at swimming, but na

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LAX player

What is lax?


Oh alright

China/Korea always good at swim pog

okay maybe not always . . .