Any other minmax builds that are worth it?

I’ve got both my max defense and max attack builds almost completed, and I need something to spend my money on as I farm chests for Wizard Pants. What stat should I focus on? Destruction, Magic Size, Casting Speed, Magic Speed, Knockback, or Agility?

You can make the set for fun, but none of the 8 stats except defence and power are even noticable - even when built optimally. Since full sets of enchantmented equipment are linearly scaled to cap out at ~1.5x or ~2x multipliers at level 5000, their effect at level 60 is negligable.

At the moment, optimal builds for Destruction, Magic Size, Knockback and Agility can all reach around +4%, and Casting and Magic Speed can only reach a megre +2%.

If you want to experience these stats at higher levels, I’d recommend making a second profile for the magics that are inherently good at them (explosion for destruction, light for casting speed, wind for knockback, etc).

So none of the other min-max builds are “worth it”, but if you really want to throw money at something I’d recommend agility on the grounds you might be able to annoy some wannabe pvper by running away slightly faster.

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Does +Knockback affect Wind’s knockback? I might go for that next time I make a new character if that’s the case.

I’ve not tested it (we can’t really), but I can’t imagine any reason why it wouldn’t.

There really isn’t any point to try and focus a stat besides power or defense because as stated above the other stats aren’t viable at this point in time