Any suggestions from people who don't have a high enough trust level?

Like me, there are so much people who can’t post in the suggestion channel because they don’t have a high enough trust level, but have really great ideas.
I want to hear ideas that could really fit into the game rn.

Here’s my idea:
Add a style option (maybe with a level requirement) to the High Jump spell that will let you choose between a Jump and a Dash; Basically the Dash will let you dash (obviusly) into any direction (Except upwards or downwards) and it will create a small explosion where you are standing (just like normal high jump) and also will deal a little bit of dmg on the impact. This option will allow you to quickly move to either dodge or reach your target. Also this would work mid-air allowing you to move more easily while flying (when its added).


people really liked one of mine, so i guess i can fit in. it’d be really cool but it allows some people to just sonic speed away if they get in a pickle… at least with the regular jump, you dont go too far in a direction, you’ll just fall down and be out of magic energy. idk im kinda on the fence with it

maybe if it costed much more energy than a regular jump then it could be kind of not overpowered, but then not really sure if anyone would use it. its a good idea, a little bit flawed though.

How do you even increase your trust level?

Here are some my ideas though:

  1. A night location/profession where you can spend your crowns
  2. Idea for bad rep locations - cultures that oppose the magic council being able to tolerate bad reps
  3. Screenshot mode? Basically hiding all menus so that you can take epic screenshots and pictures

If I have more ideas I’ll post here later

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I dont have much ideas but may be some kinds of town for negative players are great. Negative town will look like some black market underground and there will be some hidden entrance in every big town or city.

No purpose but it would be nice if ships went in and out of Ironport and certain shorelines and had people on them. It seems kind of weird that ships just teleport in and never go out. It would also be cool if once materials are added, the NPCs on the ships would give quests to you to get them materials for ship repairs. Also once Magius is bigger it would be cool to have Transport boats that you could pay to ride on and they would take you to other spots on the map and would also have stuff you could buy.

Being able to send more things in the Mail. Map Markers, Crowns w/ a note attached, Map Markers, Quests, Map Markers. Did I mention Map Markers?

I’ve got a few, but they’re mostly nitpicks mainly regarding wizard and spell names, save the last one.

With sand, I’d like to see dust/dusty/dune/desert as synonyms, desert being my favorite.
With plasma, the synonym plasmic is something I wish were there.
With gold, I’d like to see aureate or auric.
Some spell names, such as asteroid and comet, do not become plural if you fire multiple attacks (for example, the current game uses magma comet instead of magma comets even if you’re firing multiple shots).
I’d like a wizard name suggestion area, either here or maybe on the discord, where people can suggest possible first names to be added to the game, which is mostly just for fun and to have more diverse names in-game, although there are still plenty currently. If not, then just more names in general couldn’t hurt.
Lastly, for solid magics instead of beams being lines of cube particles, I’d like that they rather look like literal beams of the element, as in a support beam or pillar. For example, if the user were wood, they would fire out a long pillar-like beam that stretches extremely quickly to the target.

There is a cinematic mode that gets rid of the ui, im pretty sure its the letter p.

But Map Markers are already a thing. Just click anywhere on the map and you’ll place a marker down.

Press p on game for picture mode lol

Sending them in the mail.

they are, but you can’t send them via mail.

what if traveling merchants sometimes appeared on ships that sail all over the world?
note that they aren’t added yet but are mentioned on Features list on trello

a product(not gamepass) to change your in-game name, since there will be more names being added, some people might wanna switch to something that is related to their real name

Animation packs for mobs(in the future) say if you’re level 80 and a level 8 mob aggros you, if you charge your energy it will use the coward animation pack. Bosses or important and unique npcs would use animation packs like ninja and boss

That would be really cool. I could’ve used that yesterday…
I was in Prison, and my Mate was in the same server, and I wanted him to brake me out.
If I could’ve sent him a Mail with a Map Marker where the Prison I was in was, then I would have gotten out before I served my sentence and I could’ve spared me several minutes of tedious typing on where I am…

Not because I want something related to my irl Name, but I have no memory of me choosing the name ‘Ketch’ (maybe in the first test?), but because I am a Gold user and I really want the Name ‘Gold’ now…

sorry but, what I meant was the first name (e.g Alamgir Lamina), not the last name (Ketch,Lamina,Gold,Barion,etc.), since last names are random and also based on what your culture is
(but there’s Golden as a first name too)