Any tips against a person that high jumps a lot

So I was fighting a friend in the coliseum then he started to run around and spam T and beam attacks and keep a far distance from me which is probably my biggest weakness because I’m used to combat where the target is close to me and on land

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Well there’s really nothing you can do because most players fight in the air. You just have to learn to fight in the air and adjust your fighting style.


id say try to use self explosions, especially spheres a lot and try to get at least a tiny bit close to him during air time

use placed explosions


20 characters

it’s 10 characters now

oh sorry i got used to saying 20 characters lol

use a big beam or a preemptive blast to where they’re landing, and stay in the air yourself by using weak magic jumps

  1. Wait for them to land. Sometimes WoM is a patience game.
  2. If they’re solid magic, try land a hit when he uses jump, because you can aim onto the solid pillars they make.
  3. Just wait on the ground, if you can damage trade.
  4. Bait him out by holding a move.

any tips against DoT magics

wait it stamina ends and yeet it with some smol beams ez

Yes…and placed explosions

i use a good clash rates magic so what i do is get abit of casting speed and counter the beams as i get closer and closer to him and punish him when he needs to recharge

Theres pretty much a solution torwards it when it comes to that, if the person is using a barrage attack during that, you’ll have to punish them with a 20% blast if you are a type of glass cannon person. In other words, you can just use great spin if you are near them to deal extra damage to certain magics that appeal with it. Placed explosions are sincerely nerfed, so it still might be useful when they high jump alot.

I’d say the easiest solution for that is to wait for them to land, OR to get close to them and use the Great Spin skill of a sword and self-explosion. Some magics have their damage boosted when the enemy is bleeding, so yeah. Take caution though when using a self-explosion, since you can get punished easily.