Anyone else think self defense should be a thing?

I spawned into a server and immediately started getting chased down by someone else who was positive rep. He gets me low and starts insulting me because I hide for regen(honestly I didn’t feel like fighting and all he was spamming placed explosions which were doing like 97 damage + dot + 13 cloud damage per second since client side combat is bad). So after a little while of hiding I decide to run to summerhold to try and lose him but he keeps following me ._. So I end up waiting him out in a tree because he tries to make a massive poison cloud and then messes up by using a 20 shot blast so I just snipe him until he dies. YET I get a fine when I kill him after still being in combat from his cloud. So I definitely think that there should be some sort of self defense system.


I agree, I got a fine a couple of time because of this.

Yes, definitely. I feel the positive reputation players are more stuck up and rude in my experiences than the negative reputation ones. No offense to anyone, just think it is crazy how you get fined for defending yourself when the game is not heavily based on PvP.

Sounds like the rep system should be less, not more forgiving in this case.
He was basically ganking you and didn’t get a bounty or a reputation reversal.

Yeah it’s super annoying to have to kill someone then pay 75 crowns.

It’s like -5 rep per hit on someone who is also positive rep. I can understand for something like you accidentally hit someone a few times but if you repeatedly hit the same person over and over while they haven’t hit you once something negative should happen to you instead of you just losing 5 rep per hit.

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the rep system in this game is so unpredictable and weird and is barely explained in the game at all

It’s super annoying when you kill someone who is trying to kill you, and yet you get negative rep. Self defense should definitely be added.

I feel like it would be tricky to balance and differentiate intentional harm towards a fellow positive rep player and unintentional harm. Self-defense could be abused in its own right. You’re fighting a negative alongside some random positive player, you accidentally damage them, and now they can just kill you regardless? A little silly.

The best thing I could think of is a system that detects what the attack damaged. If the attack damages a negative and a positive simultaneously, lose a small amount of reputation. If an attack damages only a positive rep, lose a large amount of reputation. This still has a bit of leeway for a stray attack, but forces you to be careful with your attacks. In this system, if a pos player hunts another pos player, they’ll rapidly lose reputation. If a pos player accidentally damages another pos player while hunting negs, then they’ll lose either a small amount or a couple of large amounts. Not enough to drop into neg if you start at a high amount.

I’m not sure what the exact values should be. Maybe -15 for collateral damage and -150 for a full hit? That’s a rough guess, it would need balancing.

QUICK EDIT: Also, maybe if you straight up damage a positive player multiple times in a short timeframe, the penalty increases. That would get a pos player to negative faster if they’re hunting a pos, but still give leeway for accidental damage.

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This is top 3 thing that sucks crowns out of my pocket :pensive:

Basically the arcane government problem in arcane adventures, where they would murder you just for walking around and doing nothing and use their arcane government status as the only reason. Also back when arcane adventures was open if you check the arcane government clans average rep it was demon which says a lot

Yeah that was retarded. You would be able to just get enough AG rep or whatever it was called(I forget) by killing bad players and then you could waste it all on killing good players and get no penalties.

Or protector+ friendly fire is off like NPCs.

This is a good idea. Say you hit someone six times and they never land a hit on you, you get a fine? Maybe it’d be part of the Low Level Protection Law vetex plans on adding…

I personally wouldn’t be a fan of that. I don’t like PvP much, but I do believe in the option being there. If we were to go with disabling PvP, I’d say pos reps can choose to disable PvP but neg reps can’t. I’m not a big fan of that however.