Anyone find glyph locations? I've found one on Ravenna so far, but no luck anywhere else

I’m looking to decrypt everything as it comes out.

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There’s another in Limestone Key but that’s it.

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Thanks a bunch. I’ll be sure to take a look.

actually could you tell me where you found the glyphs? I don’t see anything and ive been searching all over the island

The statue of the axe dude should have the glyphs

There are no glyphs on that statue

Huh, guess it was removed then… I am sure that statue had a glyph in WoM

I only found one in ravenna too. But if you really want to start decrypting it now you can find more of them in WoM. They use the same characters. There’s one at the king statue, the viking statue, an underwater tomb, and in your magic circle.

Here’s the location
King statue

Viking statue

Underwater tomb

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I’ve already decoded them all in WoM lmao. I asked cuz I wanted to find all of them in AO.

could you please dm me the translations