Anyone have any cool lost spell concepts?

Just curious. Also, about to get three replies, watch me.

Mud magic


did they ever say anything about combining other spells in your arsenal to make one spell


It would be more like combining two different magics into one attack rather than two spells, like magma+ash equals ultimate area denial with a placed explosion attack

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homing explosion

-high mana cost

-follows an enemy around for a bit


-can be changed shape

-low damage but will remain to pursuit a target even if the user swaps magics, example:

-plasma homing explosion is used on target

-user swaps to acid magic

-the plasma homing explosion is still following the target, it explodes causing scorched, the acid magic can then combo onto that.

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we have a trello for this

I actually had no idea :man_facepalming: Is it all going to be implemented or just concept

just concept

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