Ao guilds

I want to hear what importance clans will play in ao, this is not to start beef, I just want to hear what everyone will think clans will be like and what role they will play in arcane odyssey

creed will be ontop no doubt

no they wont, as soon as galtron makes a new guild in ao, creed finna be wiped out


hold on…

were you challenging galtrons existence?! you know there are consequences for that, right?

galtron bad fo real!

I feel clans in AO will be somewhat like guilds in AR. Except a lot less toxic.
Though, of course, we will never know until AO releases.

what sucks is player made guilds are now refered to as clans :pensive:

will there be any npc guilds?

apart from council i don’t think anything’s been confirmed

Moonlaugh finally gonna be on top

They were toxic in AA, they were toxic in WoM, they were toxic in AR…
what do you think is going to change?

Due to the infamy system being the way it is, the toxicity is mostly focused between guilds, however, its still toxic.

the lb standings will shift a little and there’s gonna be a lot more people to fight. it’s gonna be fun brooo

well generally in a community like AR which is mostly filled with sweats naturally it’s gonna be a lot more toxic

when a community has a wider audience i feel like less and less of your interactions with people are shitty because there are less shitty people,

AO is definitely going to see a jump in playerbase with a lot of those people being new so my guess is it’ll be a lot rarer

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I know they all are toxic. But the level of toxicity I’ve seen from AR is a lot worse than WoM.

zenwell18 guild when???

oh my fucking god i remember this

Silverthorn? :waaa: