AR revamp

what does everyone think about the ar revamp? just curious


I dont play it


fair, the devs are weird as hell lmao

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apparently its cool and im not necessarily against trying it, but idk i dont wanna bother with the countless tryhards

also i definitely dont have enough time to invest in a game like that
you either have infinite freetime or are left behind and get anihilated by high level players

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ar revamp is so good :broken_heart:

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I feel the same way. I walked in on some randoms farming rupin, offered to wait my turn, but they still killed me :person_shrugging:

It’s disappointing.

They barely improved the combat. The bandit ai is still absolute garbage. The early game is still grindy and boring. The dialogue is awful and soulless, and I couldn’t bring myself to play past the first sea.

I thought that they would’ve at least added an opening cutscene, but no. Also, grabs are still useless.


arsen is a grab abuser

ON GOD BRO. I was like why cant i skip this shit!!! the dialogue is so cliche, its cringe :mask:

Can you please forgive me?

You know what? Yeah.

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I hated the item wiping. Had a whole set of sunken champion armor and now it’s gone

they said that was to fix the economy, but everyone knows it wasnt and the devs are full of shit

I couldn’t care less about the AR economy, that was some good fucking sunken armor and now it’s (no pun intended) down the drain

yeah and you know whats crazy? people with enchanted sunkens got to keep theirs :skull:

totally fixing the economy

There also goes my 20k-40k+ fishing bait

i swear bro

They buffed sunken champion and made it significantly rarer, it’d be dumb if you got to keep it considering how common they were. Enchanted SC was absurdly rare which is why they weren’t wiped

sunken champion was absolutely worthless, but i already said it here so ill just link it

because enchanted sunken champions are actually rare and some of the most valuable items in the game

i get your point, but thats not how you fix an economy, not by any means

Everyone having a dozen sets of strong endgame armour doesn’t seem very healthy for the economy to me