Arcane legacy

if you dont like ar because of how unfaithful it is to aa, you should check out arcane legacy, its pretty solid (still early access though)

this thread already exists (Arcane legacy - #90 by Endmaster)

but yeah al is so much better than ar even in its current state, the devs are putting in an effort to fix bugs and are working incredibly fast, though id imagine the game wont be faithful to aa dyring the 3rd sea since the story after that point was never entirely planned


oh mb

arcane reborn is just the black sheep of the arcane universe in general tbh

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is it though? it gets more players than wom and the majority of the community likes it

okay well saying it gets more players compared to a game that like barely existed for around a year and then suddenly stopped updating after like barely any content was added isn’t a very fair comparison to begin with. AR has a lot more compared to WoM and it’s a lot older so naturally it’s gonna have a more dedicated playerbase.

the reason it sucks though is mainly it’s community, in my opinion, I don’t know a ton about pvp or how combat / gameplay worked but what I can tell you is the AR community is just something that’s better left untouched by anyone with sanity.


the “community” is built around pvpers, and they gatekeep like no other (see “Why 1.1 Should NOT Be Released” for example)

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