Arcane Odyssey Factions

Ok so random little kinda rant, so with the assassin syndicate and the grand navy I think we can all agree the lower ranks outfits look not nearly as good as the later ranks. So many people get renown just for the title or the outfit however, I feel as if ranking is up is completely closed off to pve players. This isn’t because they can’t but because having any amount of renown past 300k or so puts a big target on your head. Most pve players don’t enjoy getting hunted constantly for obvious reasons. The ranking system to me always felt weird as it felt like a pvp oriented feature for what seems to be a pve focused faction as most pvp players will just join a competive clan instead of a faction (with exceptions. One thing I though of to solve this was possibley implenting a system where you can’t like loose your rank once you’ve gained it (excluding lb). Ranks don’t really grant any real benefits so I don’t see why this would be a issue, and this to me would fix a big problem with ranks within factions being locked off to pve players. Or just make the ranking system for the non lb ranks completely overhalled I don’t know. this wasn’t really meant to be a suggestion as its just a random thought but I wanna here your guys thoughts on this

while some of the higher ranks should be pvp (like the top 20), but maybe the others from bounty hunting npc’s rather than fame

Yeah maybe like tasks as we can clearly see the fame itself isn’t a req in the game as there are commanders with like 260k obv for game play reasons but still

honestly bro pve players just have to wait for more content, give or take like 6 months or so and i think ao will have more stuff for pve players. i get wym thoe it does suck but there has to be some things in the game with exclusivity.